BoulbiBrass, the audacious and bouncy marching band


BoulbiBrass, the audacious and bouncy marching band since 2014 !!! Composed of 3 saxophonists, 2 trumpettists, 2 trombonists, 2 percussionists and a sousaphone player, they will do everything to make you dance...
Just as comfortable on a scene as in street performances.

The band's musicians feature a raw and energic music, between well chosen themes and fiery chorus !
All musicians play in acoustic, so they are mobile and can adapt themselves to the place and situation, for unforgettable shows !
The programm is composed of some great hits of pop music from all times (Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Stromae, Lucenzo) revisited in their own way, punctuated by some pure jazz-punk pieces : Pick up the pieces, Birdland, Young Blood...




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