No water please

Redoutable machine à groove


No water Please - or how to transform any musical genre in a powerful groove machine.

From Charlie Mingus to Fishbone, from ska to punk, the fusion that these 7 wild musicians suggests has an immidate effect on the audiance that is blown away every time.

The No water please turn up whith a great new energy enriched by two years of musical adventures.

The artistic approach of this 4th album is orientated towards the search of new sounds, sometimes in unusual styles.

With Moon Lenoan for director, and 8th member of the band, their banding is still there, reinforced by lyrics in English, Spanish and Maurician.


No Water Please - Next To You - Punk Goes Brass
Party at ground zero
Punk goes Brass
Groove is back - Le Hangar - 29/01/11


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