Lézard d'Halloween

Halloween brass band


When the agogos bells strike the 12th stroke of midnight, the vampire Pierre Tombale, who is always on the lookout for a good neck, quickly gets out of his death box and picks up his snare drum.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the broom flies to the rescue of the dustpan, while Cruèl Ail casts his spell. "Oh god of drums, by the power of Batucada magic, I implore you to transform my cauldron into a surdo, abracadabra, marmitus, transformus, surdotus!
The ensuing explosion startled the ghosts of Jeffrey and Mac Habre, who were sleeping in the big four-poster bed against each other as usual because, don't you dare repeat it... they're afraid of the dark. Next to them on the sofa, Paul Tronc, the headless horseman, stretched out and told them in sign language: "I've just had a strange dream. I was on the scaffold in 1789 and guess what, the executioner couldn't guillotine me.
The hilarious trio descend the grand staircase into the entrance hall. Knock, knock, knock! Someone's knocking on the castle door. "Haunted!" says the vampire in a voice from beyond the grave. As if in a horror movie, the door opens slowly, very slowly, the wood creaks, the shrill sound of the hinges makes the suspense unbearable... Surprise! says the employee of the "Cauchemardex" company, startling the terrified guests who had taken refuge behind the door.
door. He's come to deliver the shaker in the shape of Frankenstein's head that Paul had ordered on the web.
Ready to celebrate Halloween in style, everyone grabs their drums and heads out of the house.
In the street, the skeletons Suzette and Georgette put the chains on their tandem and take the lead of the funeral procession.
Igor Billard, Mestre of the Batucada "Lézard Tape", who hates being late, is waiting for them in the main square. He's dressed up to the nines, wearing a cleaver as a hat.
The team is now complete, and the batucada begins its march, which is anything but funereal, to a blistering tempo. Ghosts fly over shivering passers-by. The skeletons, like the Claudettes, invite the audience to dance. The infernal rhythm raises the temperature, and everyone is carried away, bewitched, bewitched...
Don't be afraid to hire us! We'll put a smile on every bald man's face, and have the rest of you laughing your head off!



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