Lazcar Volcano


Born of the sulphurous union between Mother Earth and a minstrel without the sub, Lazcar Volcano has just landed on the front of the French stage, propelled by an explosive eruption. Its mission: to save the Living from the influence of artistic formatting. From his eternal mother, he inherited the super-powers of the songs and the atavistic rhythms derived from the oral traditions (Maloya, Samba, Son Cubano). His precarious father left him the revolting power of urban sounds (Hip Hop, Afro Beat, Funk, Ska...). In its mineral body, you will find traces of sand from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, a piece of asphalt from the cities of 93, a handful of clay from Lagos, some Caribbean pebbles, an ounce of swampy Louisiana quagmire or a small coral pearl of Reunion...
It is through this alchemy that this mi-Dieu, mi-fanfaron is transformed to envy during ceremonies that are prosaically called «a concert of Lazcar Volcano»: sometimes it is a brass band of New Orleans that plays the Zamba, a chamber music ensemble that accompanies a rapper or an Afrobeat group that performs Brazilian Choro. Neither more nor less, Lazcar Volcano is the sophistication in all simplicity, the delicacy and the savagery, the raw and the cooked, the raw romanticism (without abatement.)

Like a hypnotic Hamelin, this hero made of lava and water of life will captivate by his song the common mortals, from the small grasshoppers to the big mothers-in-law, passing by the CRS, moustachus and other gougnafiers, bringing them away from the beaten paths, dancing, free at last.
References: Jazz à Porquerolles, festival des Jazz(s) de Saint-Raphaël, Musical'été à Annemasse, Cuivro-Foliz à Fleurance, Charlie Jazz festival à Vitrolles, Festival des Cuivres de Surgères, La ferté Jazz Festival, Festival le Jazz bat la Campagne, Festival des Vieilles Ecluses, and many other events, etc...


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