Wonder Brass Band Quartet

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Wonder Brass Band, Quartet from Toulouse, deliberately feminine.

The Wonder Brass Quartet was born in Toulouse from the collaboration of musicians with singular backgrounds, influenced in their practices by very varied currents.

The Wonder Brass Quartet likes all kinds of places and likes to cultivate contrasts to give to hear and see its musical creations and to share them with all the public on the big stage that is the street.

Today, at the crossroads of the Quartet for its audacity, and the brass band for its brilliance, the Wonder Brass Quartet reinvents another idea of the brass band.
Through an eclectic repertoire, mixing original compositions and arrangements, with jazz, funk and Latin influences, they play an ingenious, daring, sensitive and energetic music.

During a concert, they share with the audience their complicity and the feminine dimension of the quartet, communicated with humour.


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Wonder Brass Quartet


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