Fanflures Brass Band

From funk energy to New Orleans


Hailing from Toulouse (France), Les Fanflures BB are a Brass Band that buzzes with a contagious and brawny New Orleans style Jazz Funk (Hot 8, Rebirth) mixing with a special french touch.
With more than 150 gigs for 3 years, the 8 musiciens combine this great live experience with the freshness of their music.
After releasing in 2016 a special Jazz Funk New Orleans Album, Les Fanflures Brass Band are back with "WORK TOGETHER", a 2 tracks EP which contains an explosive combination of Brass music, Funk, Hip hop and Latin feeling. Thanks to the succes of this EP since october in France the upcoming second album will confirm the original sound of Les Fanflures BB.


Take upon Yourself @ le metronum (Toulouse)
La Parade
Shine Out
Gold rumor - Fanfare Heavy Funk Jazz New Orleans


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