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Jumbo System, the only Afrobeat brass-band in France ! Dive into this 70’s African musical universe, a crossover of Jazz, Funk, Highlife and West African folk music. (Fela Kuti, Tony Allen…)
Celebrating that tradition in a powerful marching band setup, Jumbo System plays a modern groove-sound repertoire, bursting with energy and strictly dedicated to partying !
Kalakuta Sound System
This show will transform the street into a space dedicated to dance and trance, while questioning the political meaning of music, as an echo of Fela Kuti's committed approach in the 1970s - the name "Kalakuta" is the one the Nigerian artist gave to the guarded housing estate where he lived with his relatives in Lagos.
With the Kalakuta Sound System show, the artists of Jumbo System intend to revive the jubilant atmosphere of Afrobeat as it was played in Fela Kuti's time, while transposing it to today's reality. The public will be invited to share a sensitive experience in the public space around various social issues and historical themes carried by Afrobeat.
The scenography will be based around a Renault 21 station wagon, equipped with an autonomous sound system and an integral part of the set. The musicians will play in a fixed position and will be equipped with a high-performance sound system in order to benefit from a wider sound range and to offer a sound designed according to each location, in collaboration with a sound engineer.


Jumbo System - Kalakuta Sound System
JUMBO SYSTEM - NSA Man (radio edit)
Jumbo System - Opposite people (Fela Kuti) - Live Chalon dans la rue


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