Les Lapins Superstars

Happy hard groove


Fifteen musicians, in changing geometry, are stirring in all directions. Their groove is blazing up and the audience is passing from a blessed mystification into a frenetic enthusiasm...
By taking all musical styles into their gravy, these «lapins» know how to distill a universal musical energy. Jazz, afro-beat, salsa, hip-hop, reggae, all coming together and spreading out as an enchanting wave of brass sounds, which makes all generations and cultures dancing together.
Born in Paris nearly four years ago, this band is enthusing all terrain from streets and public parks to bars and concert halls all over the world, by transferring its verve, their rhythmical highlights and harmonic strength.Les Lapins Superstars are playing all over Europe, even over the ocean in Canada, but sometimes just simply in a village on the country or in the France capital Paris.
And all the time these constantly changing melodic meetings stay unforgettable for the public but also for the musicians themselves.


St James infirmary
Gotta be a Rabbit
Feel good (with Kamel)


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