La Fanfare Couche-Tard

Trans-european Music


The musical band "La Fanfare Couche-Tard" is passionate about music from Bretagne to Turkey, but is also inspired by deep electronic influences. These multi-instrumentalists will lead you into their dream full of laughter, dances and fun! All their influences have developed the band's own original style, and yet their music is unifying with powerful dancing rhythms mixed side to side with a lot of narrative musical themes. Come and follow them into a trip of emotions drawn both from Old Europe and from faraway fictive or real places... They've hit the road for seven years, playing on more than 300 shows, all around Western Europe, even in India where they literally won a new audience's heart. And now they are back with their third album "Sposa Ti", a musical snapshot marking a new step in the band's history.


Mon coeur fait
Live teaser (Omar Extrait)


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