Macadam Farmer

Quirky, simple and light at the same time

MACADAM FARMER - on tour 2023 Album release by Frémeaux & Associés


We know all these timeless hits by heart and yet we rediscover them in a new light.
Offbeat and inventive, Macadam Farmer gives the most famous artists (ACDC, Bee Gees, The Beatles, Cyndi Lauper, Queen, Prince, etc...) a flavour that smells of the Louisiana bayous, with the colours of the American South.
With an original line-up - vocals, guitar/harmonica, banjo, bassophone, washboard - Macadam Farmer invites everyone to a moment of pure conviviality: with a smile on their face, the audience goes from surprise to surprise!


Stayin' Alive
Macadam Farmer - Girls just want to have fun
Macadam Farmer - Don't you (forget about me)


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