Dats it BB

The New Orléans' BrassBand


Dats It BB, The Brass Band that makes Jazz / funk / HipHop New Orleans music.
Dats It BB is made of 8 musicians who know each other by heart and who brought back the solar spirit of this music from their journey of New Orleans. It's a sound that shines, invites to dance, a dance that can be carried by Loking Dancers Funk / HipHop, an extention of the initial team.
Dats It BB is a lively band that is always moving forward. It grooves and it swings ..
It's a good-natured mind that always have a good time..
It is also a call for peace, tolerance and life.
It is an engaged and generous music, which manages to create this moment when people know what Dats it really is ! Because Dats It BB, that's a real Brass Band!
In the Rhythmic section, there are a Soubassophone, a Bass drum and a Snare Drum (percussion extension avaible)
Then ... 2 Trumpeters, 2 Trombonists, 1 Saxophonist. (Guests Singers, Trompetists, Trombonists etc... Extension avaible)
Only qualified musicians from the conservatory or jazz school with more than 10 years of experience in jazz.


Les Grimaldines
Grandes Marées Festival


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