La Banda Jojo

Somewhere between a pocket Bigband and a street band !


Created eighteen years ago in Normandy, La BandaJojo is an original group, at the crossroads of the pocket Big Band and the street band.
Composed of eight professional musicians, La BandaJojo stands out first of all by its repertoire, entirely original, composed by Steven The Dog and two of his musicians, Cédric Trével and Olivier Voisin. A repertoire that is funky, jazz, groovy and disco, which gives the group a festive and completely original identity.
But its uniqueness is also due to its atypical cast, which includes two trumpets, two trombones, an alto saxophone, a tenor saxophone, a sub-bassophone and a drum kit.
Indeed, La BandaJojo wanted to have a complete rhythm section and, to do so, invented a totally new tool, the "Jojo Mobile", to allow the drummer to follow the rhythm section. to allow the drummer to follow the marching brass in all circumstances. A vehicle of a new kind, the "Jojo Mobile" consists of a 4m² platform, driven, rolling and moving forward by a pedal system on which the drums move.
Driven by the bass player and directed by the tenor saxophonist, this unique and entirely autonomous machine moves forward at a pace that blends in with its playing partners on all terrains.
Unique, festive and polymorphous, La BandaJojo adapts to all situations, and is as comfortable in the streets as on stage.
La BandaJojo mixes artistic demands and good humour, making it a band to be heard by everyone.


La Banda Jojo - Teaser
La Banda Jojo - video clip 2021
Jojo l'Pêcheur

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