Les accords'Léon "La Boîte à Léon"

Entre le concert et l'art de rue


Between concert and street art
Treat your audience to a meal for the ears alone!
When the LES ACCORDS'LÉON brass band decides to organize a gastromusical banquet,
they think big!
Ladies and gentlemen: line up the tables, drape them in your finest tablecloths and bring out
your finest silverware to come and discover the musical universe
of their French chanson delicatessen.
Their 100% terroir menu includes starters, main courses, cheeses and desserts.
will be served up to you to the accompaniment of drums and fanfare!
But will you be able to discover all their melodic ingredients to the sound of the accordion?
Go on, then... Sit back, let yourself be served, and let the music begin!


Fanfare LES ACCORDS'LÉON à Ratatouille - Walt Disney

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