Les accords'Léon "Tri Cycles Air"

Recycling obsolete music


Waste sorting (awareness-raising) and recycling of out-of-date music  
Full-day event with eco-responsible final report
TRI CYCLES AIR: Eco-responsible in every department!
If we say to you "Tata Yoyo", "La Danse des canards" or "Le lion est mort ce soir", you say: out of date? you say: out of date? Has been? Outdated? Discarded?
Well, no! If you'd like the chance to rediscover all this recycled music, come to our tri-cycles with your waste (paper, plastic, mother-in-law, etc.).
Thrown into the right garbage can, you'll have the privilege of turning the wheel to bring an out-of-date song back to life.
Get ready to sing and, why not, dance to it!
Wrong garbage can: don't worry, let us guide you...



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