Les accords'Léon "Le Triporteur"

La dernière tournée de l''épicerie fine de la chanson française


Léon is about to embark on his last tour of the delicatessen with his scooter.
So he's looking for a future replacement to take over the business, whom he may find among the public.
 To this end, he is handing out his menu, probably for the last time, so that the public can choose their aperitif, starter, main course and even dessert!
Will he be able to find a future buyer and show him how to keep the store running smoothly?
Between the quality of the service, the dancing, the singing, the humor, and the happening: 
all these show ingredients will be reviewed to offer the best of menus to be savored only with the ears.
So let yourself be tempted... 
It's on the house


Les Accords' Léon

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